GAMES & TECHAre Old School RuneScape And WoW Classic Just For Nostalgic Players?

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For those outside of those worlds of WoW and RuneScape, it could have seemed a strange turn of events when the 2 games re-released what can be explained as older versions of themselves as standalone games. However, the figures clearly show why this was a good move. 'Old School Rune Scape' (OSRS) allegedly holds around 70% or OSRS Gold most RuneScape players, leaving the newer'RuneScape 3' (RS3) attracting only 30 percent of their franchises participant base. And while'WoW Classic' doesn't beat out the Retail version, it will come close to a 50-50 split in regards to active, daily players.

With no numbers it's easy to set the existence of those games down to pure nostalgia. But with them, it is clear that there is a lot more attracting players to those titles. So let's dive into why both old and new players are enjoying these old-school variations of two of their most legendary MMOs. While'OSRS' might have originated as a variant of the game as it had been back in 2007, it hasn't remained that way. Rather,'OSRS' is a ever-updated game which keeps everything out of the older 2007 era, while building out it with new updates, content and events . What is more, is that content is exceptional to'OSRS', not appearing in'RS3'.

This means players are not simply jumping into an old sport, but right into a living-breathing MMO which continues to provide up new experiences to its players. The same is true for'WoW Classic' that, since its release in 2019, has also received many content updates since launch. Blizzard have even made it crystal clear they aren't opposed to adding expansions to the Classic version of the game, meaning that we might see a similar occurrence to that of RuneScape if the game keeps up its player count.

With both games hailing from the early 2000s and discharging waves upon waves of content over time, it is fair to say that by the mid 2010s those matches were rather different to their former selves. Whether that is due to feature bloat, power creep or Buy RS Gold balancing worries is very much up to gamers on a case-by-case foundation, but the fact that those games had gotten so big is partly why enthusiasts wanted to return to a more stripped back, refined experience. While that, of course, could be redeemed by a lot of nostalgia, it's an easy enough concept to understand for any player who has returned to some name after many years.